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Affordable Housing

Financing Solutions for
Affordable Housing.

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CDT is a national investor providing equity and debt financing solutions for the acquisition and preservation or development of affordable multifamily rental housing.

We work with non-profit and for-profit partners who are experienced in building, acquiring, rehabilitating, and managing affordable housing communities.

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We invest for the long term, providing the capital necessary to acquire a property or restructure a property’s ownership, address capital needs, replace major systems, and add amenities such as recreational facilities and community centers.

Our operating partners include many of the country’s leading specialists in preservation—multifamily developers, owners, and managers with a strong local presence—who invest alongside CDT.

Terms for specific investments are based on location, operating history, business plan/strategy, and alignment with CDT’s mission to preserve affordable housing.

Program Highlights

CDT’s double-bottom line approach is designed to maximize investment returns, promote long-term housing stability, and create positive community impact.


Acquisition Targets

  • LIHTC developments
  • Properties with existing/expiring Project Based Section 8 contracts
  • Properties with expiring state or local affordability restrictions
  • Market-rate properties where we can place new regulatory agreements creating affordability

Equity Capital

Typically $2 – $20 million, but will consider larger transactions or portfolios

Property Size

100+ units, but will consider smaller properties in high-cost markets


We seek to hold properties for the long term but will consider shorter-term investments or bridge equity in certain cases


about CDT’s equity financing program, please contact:
Michael Lear
Chief Business Development Officer


Fixed-Rate Forward Commitments

  • Project Type: New construction, primarily LIHTC-financed
  • Term: 15 to 30 years
  • Size: $2 million to $10 million, with larger loans considered

Immediate Fixed-Rate Funding

  • Project Type: Existing stabilized properties
  • Term: 15 to 30 years
  • Size: $2 million to $10 million, with larger loans considered

Secondary Market Purchases

  • Project Type: Multifamily affordable communities, primarily LIHTC-financed
  • Targets: Portfolios of new and seasoned loans, mix of loan sizes (minimum $2 million, no maximum)
  • Term: Generally with maturities of 15 to 30 years


about CDT’s debt financing program, please contact:
Brian Gallagher
Senior Vice President,
Multifamily Debt Program


December 2021
Bridge at Ribelin Ranch Apartments is CDT’s fifth investment with AAHC/HACA. CDT and AAHC now own more than 2,000 units in Austin through joint ventures
CDT has the ability to be the direct link to the Housing Authority and nonprofit development world by providing lon-term capital in ways others cannot provide.
Michael Gerber
President and CEP

Contact Information

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New York, NY 10018-7702
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