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How We Add Value

We preserve affordable rental housing.

We support educational opportunities for at-risk students.

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CDT works with local, regional, and national partners across the country to make long-term equity investments and to originate and purchase long-term mortgages.

CDT’s Charter School Lending Program provides long-term financing for charter schools that have demonstrated the capacity to cultivate excellent teaching and learning.

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We are committed to the business of affordable housing, charter schools, and community development. CDT has more than two decades of experience navigating the complexities of a broad array of transactions.

In it for the Long Term

Throughout our 25-year history, we have met our mission of preserving and expanding the nation’s supply of affordable housing, while at the same time providing competitive financial returns to our investors. Our continued success rests on the vision, talent, and dedication of our management and staff. Our strong and experienced Management Team is guided by a Board of Directors that includes many of the nation’s top experts in affordable housing, residential real estate, finance, and community development.

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