Our Mission

Building on Success



The mission of CDT is to provide long-term capital to low and moderate income communities which helps ensure their affordability and enhances the quality of life for their residents. CDT provides this long-term capital in the form of loans and equity investments by working with local, regional and national partners in communities across the United States.

At CDT, we work to facilitate the development and preservation of affordable multi-family housing.  We provide long term financing which helps to stabilize communities and therefore contribute to ensuring that people have well-maintained, safe, affordable places to live.

All of our investments improve the lives of families and individuals residing in the properties we finance. When households are able to secure high-quality housing they can afford, they are relieved from many of the stresses that undermine their ability to thrive. With the benefit of safe, healthy, and stable living conditions, these households have the foundation they need to succeed at work and at school or flourish in retirement. Just as important, affordable housing is essential to the economic vitality of communities, enabling employees to live near their jobs and employers to attract and retain a stable workforce.